Pennwoods Equine Nutrition
Looking for information about Equine Nutritional Supplements? Check this out and contact Dr. Nebergall if you have any questions.

Center for Disease Control
For more information regarding disease and parasites that can be spread to humans from pets, or pets to humans check out the Center for Disease Control website.

ResQ Microchip
Use this link to register your dog or cats micorchip. If you do not register the chip number with Resq Pet Tracking System, you and your pet are unable to be reunited. šŸ™


Wounded Warrior
Everytime you purchase Canine Advantix, Advantage Multi or a Serestro collar from your Veterinarian, Bayer Animal Health will donate $1.00 to K9’s for Warriors. This donation will go toward the training for both the canine and the solider. Please come in a make your purchase today


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